About GCL

Global Expertise. Technical Team. Full Service.

The mission of Global Cyber Legal (GCL) is simple: We aim to serve our clients by providing senior-level experts who can direct, advise, and assist clients in managing the cyber risks challenging enterprises in today’s digital business world, whether related to privacy, security, cybercrime, or IT governance.

Founder and Managing Principal, Jody Westby, recognized the need for a multidisciplinary cybersecurity and privacy legal entity that provides first-tier services in a manner that integrates the technical, legal, operational, and managerial requirements. Companies rely upon IT systems for every facet of business operations and their legal team must ensure that privacy obligations are upheld, contractual obligations are met, confidential and proprietary data are protected, and intrusions, attacks, and security breaches are investigated and managed under attorney work product and attorney client privilege.

In a rapidly changing environment, relying solely on internal expertise can open the door to liability and risks. GCL’s experts specialize in privacy, security, cybercrime, breach management, and cyber risk governance. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your people, building the internal capacity and buy-in that is essential for effective compliance and security.

We recognize and respect the unique elements of each client’s business environment and issues. GCL specializes in combining business process, IT, and security expertise to identify critical risk and compliance points within your enterprise. Our approach reduces risk and minimizes gaps that can occur when legal is not fully engaged with business departments and internal IT and security teams.

GCL is a leader in cyber risk management and IT governance. Managing Principal Jody Westby is a recognized authority on board and senior management governance responsibilities for the privacy and security of their organization’s digital assets (data, applications, and networks). She led the development of four cybersecurity reports in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2015. The most recent report, Governance of Cybersecurity: 2015 Report, was released October 2, 2015, and was underwritten by Forbes, Financial Services Roundtable, and Palo Alto Networks.