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Talking to the Board About Cybersecurity – Wall Street Journal CIO Journal

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Apple Shareholders Demand Answers on Cyber Governance

Apple Shareholders Join Push For Cybersecurity Disclosures Law360, New York (September 25, 2012, 8:46 PM ET) — Apple Inc . shareholders demanded Monday that the technology giant tell them more about how it handles privacy and data security threats, a new move that attorneys say puts pressure on companies to shore up their cybersecurity practices […]

Forbes: The Sheep Stop Here

The Sheep Stop Here: Another Church Committee or Full Review of Privacy Laws Needed? + Comment now (via Forbes) During the early 1970s, the infamous Church Committee investigated abuses of power by the CIA and FBI, including their spying on U.S. citizens for political purposes and intercepting, opening, and photographing more than 215,000 pieces of […]

Administration Executive Order on Cyber Security – What to Expect

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Businesses Beware: Heavy-Handed Tactics Planned for Cybersecurity

Businesses Beware: Heavy-Handed Tactics Planned for Cybersecurity + Comment now Businesses need to be on the alert. After the Senate’s Cybersecurity Act of 2012failed to garner enough votes for passage, the Obama Administration and key members of Congress are now thinking about using executive action to impose cybersecurity mandates on critical infrastructure companies. Most telling […]

The Society of Information Risk Analyst: Jody Westby Presents on Carnegie Mellon CyLab Governance Report

Internet Evolution Radio Interview with Jody R. Westby

Jody Westby RSA Conference 2012 – Carnegie Mellon CYLab 2012 Report

Jody Westby on Director Duties in the Area of Data Security