A breach in cybersecurity can be the result of a criminal act by an outside entity or the consequence of an insider’s actions. Using the Internet and packet-switching technologies, attacks can originate from anywhere in the world. When your systems are used to steal personally identifiable iInformation (PII), pirate intellectual property, disrupt operations, or threaten system users, it is a crime. Criminal capture, prosecution, and even restitution can ride on whether digital evidence meets evidentiary requirements.

GCL’s legal team and its technical team are tops in the cyber investigation arena. Their capabilities are up-to-date, and these professionals have received some of the most prestigious professional awards in the forensic field. The technical tools used by the GCL team are best-of-class and have enabled GCL to outperform other forensic teams on engagements.

Since GCL continually interacts with the research community and government agencies, it stays abreast of the most recent threats and can advise companies on how to adapt policies, procedures, and technologies to counter cyber legals.

GCL specializes in:

  • Cybercrime Investigation & Breach Management
  • Cybercrime Response Training For Cross-Functional Teams
  • Vulnerability and Malware Scans
  • Software Code Review
  • Digital Evidence Collection & Litigation Support