Ken Tyminski

With more than 32 years of information technology experience, Ken Tyminski is uniquely qualified to provide strategic consulting services for technology companies, business enterprises, and industry associations with a focus in the area of information security and risk management.

He most recently served as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for the Prudential Insurance Company of America. In this position, he was responsible for ensuring that Prudential’s business systems were architected appropriately, implemented securely, and protected from malicious outsiders and insiders. As CISO, he also led the Information Security Office for Prudential, which established policies and standards and ensured controls were in place for millions of users, thousands of branches, and hundreds of offices across the U.S. and internationally.

Prior to his assignment as Prudential’s first Chief Information Security Officer, Ken held several other prominent positions. While working in the Corporate Technology Services organization he managed the Operations Control Center, overseeing the entire technology operation for the enterprise. Ken has also managed information technology help desks, IT controls and compliance functions, technology research, and software engineering organizations.

Throughout his career he has demonstrated his ability to create and manage enterprise scale technical and operational organizations. Ken is well known in the industry as a visionary, strategic thinker, and “early adopter.” He has served on the advisory boards of several companies and is known for his candor and frankness. Ken is an outstanding speaker who presents frequently at conferences and symposiums.

Ken graduated magna cum laude from Upsala College with a BS degree in Business Administration. He earned a certificate in Electrical Engineering Technology from New Jersey Institute of Technology.