Susan Brenner, Esq

Susan W. Brenner is NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology at the University of Dayton School of Law. She has conducted cybercrime training for the National District Attorneys Association and for the National Association of Attorneys General and was a member of the European Union’s CTOSE project on digital evidence; she has also served on two Department of Justice digital evidence working groups. Professor Brenner chaired the International Efforts Working Group for the American Bar Association’s Privacy and Computer Crime Committee, serves on the National District Attorneys Association’s Cybercrimes Committee, and chairs the National Institute of Justice – Electronic Crime Partnership Initiative’s Working Group on Law & Policy.

Professor Brenner has spoken at numerous events, including the Montreux Secure IT Conference in Switzerland, Interpol’s Fourth and Fifth International Conferences on Cybercrimes, the Middle East IT Security Conference, the American Bar Association’s National Cybercrime Conference, the Yale Law School Conference on Cybercrime and the Symposium on Internet and Privacy held at Stanford University Law School. She spoke on terrorists’ use of the Internet at the 2005 American Society of International Law conference, and on cybercrime legislation at the Ministry of the Interior of the United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Brenner is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. She has published various articles dealing with cybercrime, including State-Sponsored Crime: The Futility of the Economic Espionage Act, 26 Houston Journal of International Law 1 (2006), Cybercrime Metrics, University of Virginia Journal of Law & Technology (2004) and Toward a Criminal Law for Cyberspace: Distributed Security, Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law (2004)